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Support to Manifest Your Ideas

Experience to handle the logistics

Show Off Your Style

Break the Mold

I’ve always been a bit different.  From the distinct fashions I wear to the novel way I decorate my home, I have an unmistakable Shaquarrius style.  I have an uncanny ability to pull together seemingly mismatched elements to create a cohesive and elegant look.  


I use my creative eye and flair for color to plan distinct weddings and events.  I enjoy taking off-the-wall concepts and applying my knack for detail-oriented organization to create show-stopping occasions.



Fun Facts


I am a Foodie

I love to unwind by unplugging, having a nice glass of wine, good food, and even better conversation.


Let's Go for a Hike

I love hiking early in the morning and I actually had my first camping trip in 2020. I had a blast with just me, my boo, and our furbaby.


Avant-Garde is my Middle Name

I am an outside-of-the-box thinker and love to use vibrant and bright colors in my designs.

Do you want to wear a hot pink dress and cowboy boots?  Go for it!  


Do you want to have a live acrobat performance before dinner?  That sounds like a lot of fun!  

This is your chance to be fully who you are as a couple.


Plan a wedding that makes a lasting impression.





Your wedding doesn’t have to play by the rules.  


The “wedding formula” is getting old.  Don’t let your declaration of love blend in with all the other weddings in the minds of your guests.

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