5 Tips for Creating & Managing Welcome Bags

1. Should you include welcome bags?

Yes, welcome bags are great for out of town guests to help them feel more at ease being in an unfamiliar place in order to attend your wedding. Welcome bags are little goodies and things to help your out of town guests feel welcome. It is something that will definitely be appreciated by your out of town guests.

2. Creating the welcome bags

You should first think about how you want your welcome bags to be packaged. This will determine the items that can be placed in them. Welcome bags can be packaged into a tote bag, gift basket, gift box, just to name a few. Once you have that down then think about how many bags you need to create because this also factors into the items that you will have in the bags, especially if you are on a budget.

2. Welcome bags should be unique to your guest.

If you are able to go all out then I would highly encourage you to make your welcome bag unique to your guest. Even just placing one item that is unique to that guest while the other items are the same as everyone else's will go a long way. This can be achieved by adding something in the bag that is special or a treat for them. It could be as simple as their favorite candy bar. Just a little something to let them know how appreciated they are for traveling so far in order to attend your wedding.

3. What else can you include in a welcome bag?

Snacks are always appreciated especially considering that your guest will have to pay for their food if their hotel doesn't offer a complimentary breakfast. For those guests who are on a budget and spent most of their money on a plane ticket; snacks are the perfect things to include in a welcome basket that can tide a guest over until they eat at your wedding.

Maps of the area and an itinerary for their day will also go over with your guests well. You can also include water, vitamin C, mints, mini bottles of champagne, etc... as well as a handwritten note thanking your guest for traveling so far to attend your wedding.

4. How do you distribute the welcome bags?

The less stressful way would be to let the hotel where your guests are staying handle it. As long as it has the room number on the welcome bag then they can deliver it for you.

You can also opt for your maid of honor and/or best man to take it upon themselves to deliver the welcome bags. This works well if the guests aren't staying in a hotel and it needs to be hand-delivered.

Another option would be to throw a welcome party for your out of town guests and allow them to pick up their welcome bags there and anyone that doesn't pick up their bag then can have it delivered to them.

5. Let a company take care of this for you!

If you are looking to save yourself some time and stress then allow a company to do this for you. Here at Shaquarrius Calloway Events, we will help you set a budget, pick items that you want for the welcome bags, put the welcome bags together for you, and have them delivered on your behalf. With less stress and no fuss.

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