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8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

1. Planners can help create a budget plan The most common reason why people do not hire a wedding planner is that they think that it is too expensive and a waste of mo

ney because they can do everything themselves. But a wedding planner can actually save you money by being able to get you the best prices with top vendors in your area. Wedding planners can not only get you great deals but also help you create a detailed and well thought out budget and help you stick to it. 2. I've got 99 problems but wedding planning ain't one. Planners can take some responsibilities off your hands. There are a million and one things that need to happen when planning a wedding. A wedding planner can take as little or as much of the responsibilities as you wish. They can do full wedding planning where they can do the majority of the work or they can do partial planning if there are certain things that you wish to do yourself. It all depends on how much or little you want your planner to be involved in the wedding planning process. Taking these responsibilities off your plate will ultimately lead to a happier and stress-free wedding planning process. 3. Wedding Planning is time-consuming A lot of couples that I talk to say that they do not have the time or energy that is needed to successfully plan a wedding. But guess what, wedding planners do. We have the time to be meticulous in our research to find you the perfect venue or photographer or whatever vendor you want to have as part of your big day. All of this research would be presented for you to be able to choose which vendor you like the best. Wedding planners save you time and energy that can put toward other aspects of your life. 4. Time Management – planners are great organizers and excel at time management. I like to create a wedding day timeline from start to finish that is customized and very detailed to the couple. Yes, you can find broad wedding planning timelines online but nothing beats one that is customized for your wedding. Wedding planners ensure that your wedding planning is kept on track and if it happens to veer off track; wedding planners know exactly what to do to get it back on course. 5. Insider Tips - You don’t know what you don’t know. I have couples that I speak to that always ask me that they need help in the things that they do not know. Couples don’t always realize that there are questions that need to be asked that they haven’t even thought about asking. An example of this is a potential client who told me that she only had 30 minutes to set up for the reception at the venue before the reception started. The venue itself was supposed to set up the tables and chairs and the client would set up everything else. My first question was will the tables and chairs be set up prior to your setup time or during your setup time? This was a question that she hadn’t even thought about. Wedding planners bring their knowledge and expertise to educate you about those things that you do not know. So, it is things like this where a wedding planner’s value is apparent. 6. Planners are vision developers Wedding planners are there to understand your vision and even make small suggestions that you may not have thought of to take your wedding to the next level. Wedding planners have the experience and know-how to turn your Pinterest vision board into reality. All of those small details are incorporated into your vision and carried out with expert precision. Wedding planners will fight for you and your vision in order to make it happen. 7. Day of Assistance Weddings have a lot of moving parts that can be sometimes hard to keep track of. Wedding planners will help you with your entire day and not just one part of it. Event coordinators that may be included with certain venues can definitely help with parts of the wedding but their main focus is not on helping you and being a resource for you and your bridal party. Wedding planners can help you set up anything that you may need. They will know what needs to go where and communicate with all vendors before the wedding to confirm setup times and create a very detailed day-of timeline to ensure the entire day is just how you want it. You should not have to be worried about those small details on the day of your wedding and a wedding planner would ensure that you wouldn’t be. 8. Enjoy Yourself – Stress-Free Couples can sometimes get caught up in all the little things and the small details of a wedding that it can make for a not so enjoyable wedding planning process that can lead to a stressful wedding day. Wedding planners are there to take that burden off your shoulders so you are a guest at your wedding and not a worker. Your big day and the weeks leading up to it are about you and your partner and the love that you share. In the end, it isn’t going to matter how much money you spent or how many hours you spent learning how to make the perfect origami flower. What will matter is the joy and happiness that you and your partner share on your big day.

So don't delay and schedule your consultation today!

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