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Five Underrated Venues in Sacramento

Sacramento is a hub of venues ranging from small to large halls that can hold as little as 20 people or as many as 15,000 people and sometimes more. When planning any type of event it is important to choose a venue that embodies your vision on how you plan on transforming the space to meet your needs. Here are a few venues in the Sacramento area that I have found to be underused and I don't understand why because these venues are cost-effective and very diverse in their uses.

1. Gibson Ranch Park is a beautiful park. The ranch house is available for rent as well as the surrounding greenery for small to large events. It is a versatile space for weddings, galas, and even craft fairs.

2. La Sierra Community Center is a versatile space with 4 rooms available to rent. The John Smith Community Hall is the biggest one they offer (with the exception of the gym) at 6,174 sq. ft. and is perfect for fundraisers, crab feeds, weddings, and much more. With very reasonable rates.

3. Arcade Underground is a cool space that is most suitable for weddings but they can also host birthday parties, bridal showers, and more.

4. Vintage Monkey is a very unique space as they specialize in motorcycle restoration and also make a fantastic space for weddings and other gatherings at 6500 sq. ft. of space with motorcycles on display. This would make for an interesting cocktail party space.

5. Blacktop Comedy is a little gem of Sacramento. It features improv comedy with classes and shows. You can also rent the facility and it is on the more reasonable side pricing wise. It is a venue that won't break the bank. It is perfect for weddings, talent shows, birthday parties, Christmas parties, and other small to medium-sized gatherings.

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