How to Treat Out-of-Town Guests

What is common etiquette to provide for out of town guests? When a guest is coming from out of town/state/country in order to attend your wedding then that most likely means that they value you in order to take the time off from work and make the effort to attend your wedding. So, here are a few things that could make your out of town guests feel welcomed and appreciated. Reserve Room Blocks Consider reserving room blocks for your guests. Reserving a large number of rooms leaves you eligible for a group rate which is typically cheaper than the standard rates. Not only that but all of your guests will be in one place so you never have to figure out where anyone is staying. If you are unable to pay for the room blocks then give your out of town guests a maximum of 3 hotel options within different price points so that there is something for everyone. Make sure to let your guests know the hotels, rates, distance from the venue, and any amenities that the hotel has which can all be listed on your wedding website along with the links for them to make a reservation. If you’ve chosen to reserve room blocks then consider reserving room blocks in a hotel that offers continental breakfast. Breakfast is still one of the most important meals of the day and if your guests are on a budget then this meal just might be skipped. Transportation You can arrange for transportation to pick your guests up from the hotel(s) and drive them directly to the venue site. This helps eliminate confusion among the guests and also makes sure that your guests arrive at the wedding on time. If this isn’t in the budget then you can always get a discount code for Lyft or Uber that you can list on your wedding website in order to make transportation more affordable for your out of town guests. Welcome Party Have a welcome party for the out of town guests the day before the wedding. Your guests came a long way to see you and participate in this day with you. most of the time the couple will be too busy during the wedding day with getting ready, taking pictures, conducting the ceremony, etc... to stop and be able to talk with every single out of town guest. A welcome party gives you the opportunity to catch up with everyone that you most likely haven’t seen in a while because they live so far away. That way your out of town guests feel welcomed and appreciated. Gift Baskets Have a gift basket dropped off to their rooms that have a few things to let them know that you appreciate what they had to do in order to be in attendance at your wedding. Having one or two personalized items placed in the basket would really make the out of town guest feel a little bit more at home in a new place. This can be their favorite candy or perfume. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on this. Check out this article that goes more in-depth on how to pull off a gift basket that fits any budget.