The Most Important Wedding Detail Everyone Forgets!

Wedding insurance

Before planning my wedding, I had never even heard of wedding insurance. I was too distracted by the fun parts of wedding planning to consider the possibility of something terrible happening. While I was on a venue tour, I learned the importance of wedding insurance and the different options available. I realized how important it was to get insurance just in case an accident happened. I believe everyone should consider wedding insurance for their big day. Whether this is the first time, you are hearing about wedding insurance or deciding whether it is right for you.

- Jessica Alameida

Why is Wedding Insurance a Good Thing to Have?

Well, just like we have health insurance that protects us in the case of medical emergencies that is exactly what wedding insurance does for your wedding. Wedding insurance protects you from circumstances that would otherwise put you in a tight spot.

You have spent so much of your time, energy, and money into making your wedding day exactly how you want it and wedding insurance is the icing on the cake that helps you protect your investment and make sure that all of your hard work wasn't for nothing.

Wedding insurance covers so many areas including protecting you from the financial burden of paying for damage to a venue and protecting you from losing deposits if a vendor goes out of business or even protecting you from the lost expenses that come along with having to postpone or cancel your wedding.

The Types of Wedding Insurance Coverage:

Liability Coverage- Liability insurance is usually required by most venues and covers you in the case of bodily injury, property damage, or accidents/events that involves the use of alcohol.

Postponement/Cancellation- This can be due to a variety of reasons such as extreme illness, bridal shop loses your dress, or a vendor suddenly ghosts you, etc... and this leads to a postponement or even cancellation of your wedding. This insurance type covers you from being financially responsible for those non-refundable expenses that you take on from having to cancel or postpone your wedding due to no fault of your own.

Optional Insurance-

These are the optional types of insurance that most wedding insurance providers have and they cover a lot of things. Such as the loss of gifts if someone decides to take your gifts for themselves. It can also protect the following investments:

  1. Jewelry coverage: Protect your wedding rings.

  2. Photos & Videos: Protect your memories.

  3. Attire: Protect your dress and tux!

  4. Wedding rentals: Protect your rentals such as tables, chairs, tablecloths, etc...

  5. Loss of deposits: Protect your money.

  6. Weather Insurance: Protect your wedding.

Where can I get wedding coverage?

There are a variety of places that you can get wedding insurance but I would recommend Wedsure and Event Helper. These are the insurance providers that I use and recommend to my clients as well. Because they are easy to navigate, affordable, and comprehensive.

Be sure to check with your vendor to see what types of coverage are needed and you can always contact me for more in-depth information and recommendations.