To Tip or Not to Tip

Gratuity Guide for Tipping Wedding Vendors

Tipping is not something that is required but if a vendor exceeded your expectations then why not show them a little bit of extra

love? But how much do you tip and how do you go about doing it? Place the tip in a sealed labeled envelope which can be given to your planner, coordinator, or a designated person to distribute to your vendors on the wedding day.

Vendors where tips are typically required:

Catering & Servers: Gratuity is usually included in the overall charges for your day. But if it’s not then you will be expected to tip 15 to 20% of the total bill and $20 to $50 per server.

Bartenders: Consider having your guests tip the bartender(s). If you decide to do the tipping yourselves then 10-20% of the bar package is recommended.

Vendors where tips are recommended:

Officiant: If this is a friend or fam

ily member then a personal gift would suffice as a “Thank You”. It is typically recommended to tip $50-$100.

Band/DJ: $25-$50 per musician for the band or 10-15% for the DJ.

Transportation: 15% of the total package

Vendors where tips are appreciated:

Photographer/Videographer: While gratuity is not typically required for these vendors; if they went above and beyond then tipping 10-15% of the photography/videography package is definitely appreciated.

Photobooth/Specialty Vendor that is onsite: $25 - $50 per specialty vendor.

Florists: 10-15% is appreciated for this vendor.

Wedding Coordinators/Planners: Tips are not expected but if the planner/coordinator went above and beyond then a 10-20% tip is a good way to thank them for doing more than they contracted for.

While tipping is something that is not required by most vendors it is something that is greatly appreciated by each vendor that helped to make your day extra special. If you don’t have it in your budget to be able to tip every vendor; there are other ways to make your vendors feel appreciated.

Consider leaving them a glowing review which is something that really helps future clients know how great it is to work with that vendor and reviews are great ways to show appreciation!