Top 5 Wedding Planning Apps

I know that wedding planning can be very stressful and frustrating at times. But there are tons of free help for you out there to help keep everything organized and simple so that you don't lose your mind. So, let's get into the top 5 apps that I would recommend to those trying to plan their wedding on their own without the help of a wedding planner.

1. Google Drive - FREE

I always recommend that couples create a new Gmail account that is going to be specifically for all things wedding planning. This one is going to help you keep everything in one place so that you stay organized and eliminates the need for a bunch of different apps. Because you have:

A. Google Sheets - perfect for maintaining and calculating your budget. Don't know how to do this? Check out this Ultimate Budget Template to get you started.

B. Google Docs - perfect for taking notes, writing vows etc...

C. Google Keep - these are virtual sticky notes which is perfect for reminders and making lists.

D. Google Drive - This is the place that houses all of these that way everything is organized and you will know exactly where to find everything.

I recommend making folders for each aspect of the wedding planning and putting the relevant information in those folders. This will help you keep track of what needs to be done and what you have already done.

2. Wedding Planner by The Knot - FREE

This one is great because it can help you in finding the vendors that you need. As well as give you a checklist of the wedding planning process and give you a rough idea of where you should be based on how far away your wedding date is. It has a style quiz to help you determine your wedding style. You can also create a wedding website where you can put all relevant information like your venue, time, location, etc... It also has a budget tool to help keep you on track. You can also track RSVPs using the wedding website feature. It is a great app overall and also helps you to stay organized by having all of these things in one convenient location.

3. Pinterest - FREE

I am sure that you know Pinterest and have used it even before wedding planning. Pinterest can really help you narrow down your vision and tell you don't like and what you do like. It is there as a tool to help you generate ideas and then add your own flair to it.

4. Facebook Groups - FREE

I LOVE using Facebook groups to communicate with a large group of people. This can be your bridal party, family members, etc... I find that the groups are easier to keep track of everything versus a group message. You can always use the control F function to search for what you're looking for and it's kind of fun to use. Great place for collaboration.

5. Weather App - FREE

This can be the weather app that comes automatically on your phone and they tend to be pretty accurate. You definitely want to put it in the city where you are going to be married and especially if it is going to be an outdoor wedding. You want to check that weather app often and have a plan B just in case.

I hope that you liked this list of my top 5 wedding planning apps which are all free. There are a ton of free resources out there that can help you plan your wedding.