Venue Coordinator v. Wedding Coordinator

I have heard it time and time again that a couple is not hiring a wedding coordinator because they already have a venue coordinator. The reason that a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator don't have the same job title is that their jobs are not the same. So, I am going to lay out how a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator are different and why you need to have both. Let's dive right in!

Who is their client?

Wedding Coordinator: YOU! You are the client and the wedding coordinator's top priority. The wedding coordinator is there to make sure that you won't have to worry about a thing on your wedding day. A wedding coordinator makes sure that the details are PERFECT and that everything runs flawlessly.

Venue Coordinator: The venue coordinator works for the venue. They manage their own staff and just make sure that the places you have booked are available for you to use. They take on the responsibility of making sure that every space is functional enough for couples to use for their wedding day. But their main focus is not you.

What are their responsibilities?

Wedding coordinator: A wedding coordinator is responsible for everything on the wedding day to make sure that everything runs flawlessly. We handle the vendors, the venue, any emergencies, etc... that pop up on the wedding day. We make sure that the vendors arrive on time and in the correct location. If there is more than one venue we make sure your guests are able to smoothly move from one venue to the next.

We have been with you months leading up to your big day guiding you through every step.

We are also present for the rehearsal and help you through exactly what is going to happen in order to execute it perfectly the next day.

Venue Coordinator: They are responsible for the venue and making sure that you are adhering to the terms of the contract that you signed and that the space is operational with the air conditioning being on and tables and chairs set up in the layout specified, etc... If you have not chosen to do food and beverage through the venue then once this is done the venue coordinator will leave.

Who manages the timeline?

Wedding Coordinator: A wedding coordinator creates a detailed timeline with you to ensure that your day goes smoothly and that everything that you want to be included is included. We will be right there with you throughout the entire day making sure that everything is going according to the timeline. Our day starts before hair and makeup and ends well after the reception is over.

Venue Coordinator: They only handle the timeline in regards to the preparation of the space and food and beverage timeline if the catering is being handled by the venue. They will serve the plated meals and clear the tables.

How do you communicate?

Wedding Coordinator: A wedding coordinator will often give you their cell phone number a week before the wedding and you are able to text and/or call them anytime for any reason.

Venue Coordinator: The venue coordinator works for the venue and has to abide by their rules. Typically, you can only call the venue during business hours on their business line. You will not be able to reach the venue after hours if you have a wedding emergency.

In order to make your wedding day beautiful and flawless, you need the help of a venue coordinator AND a wedding coordinator. Both are experts in what they do and together they are a powerful team. So, take some time to figure out what your venue coordinator is actually handling and then you will be able to see why a wedding coordinator is so vital to having a successful wedding!