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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A wedding planner makes sure that your big day runs smoothly by being able to solve problems quickly and think on the fly. Wedding planners are able to account for most situations in order to make sure that your day goes off without a hitch! We are able to do this by having an excellent day of wedding planning kit that we bring with us to correct any situation and these are the things that we would go to a wedding without.

Folks always want to know what it is that I have in my emergency kit and I am sharing the top 15 items that I always have in my emergency kit.

1. First aid kit

I am certified in first aid/CPR and so are my assistants. This first aid kit comes in handy in all kinds of situations. This kit includes bandaids, alcohol wipes, antibacterial wipes, gloves, gauze, etc...

2. Pain relievers

There isn't anything worse than the bride or groom having heartburn, a headache, or menstrual cramps on the day of the wedding. So, I make sure to have Tylenol, Tums, Midol, Claritin, and Advil on hand.

3. Insect Repellant

This is particularly useful for weddings that are outside. I like to apply this to the bride and groom so that they aren't uncomfortable at their wedding because insects are biting them the entire time.

4. Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is very useful to sew things like buttons back on when they fall off or fix any tears that may occur in the attire.

5. Bobby Pins

You can never have enough bobby pins to hold things in place. It's not only good for holding hair in place but for helping with putting on eyelashes too. Just place the glue on the end of the bobby pin and apply it to the eyelashes.

6. Eyelashes

Speaking of eyelashes, I make sure to bring extra pairs. The makeup artist typically isn't going to be there for the entire wedding day to touch up the bride's makeup and things. So, having an extra pair of eyelashes just in the case comes in handy.

7. Tampons/Pads

You definitely do not want the dreaded moment of starting your period and not have any tools on hand. This is why I always bring plenty of pads and tampons of different sizes.

8. Lint Roller

A lint roller is attire's best friend to make sure that you stay looking sharp throughout the day!

9. Breath mints

These are a must to make sure that your first kiss as a married couple starts off right.

10. Steamer

Yes, I bring a steamer with me. Having wrinkled tablecloths or a wrinkled veil is not a good look. But a steamer can knock those right out in no time!

11. Phone chargers

In this day and age, everyone has their phone and no one wants to be stuck with a phone that has a dead battery. So, I make sure to have one of every type of phone charger to accommodate most phones.

12. Stain remover

This can turn your frown upside down and knock out any stains that you may have with no one being the wiser.

13. Chapstick

To make sure that you are kissing ready!

14. Deodorant

Make sure that you are smelling fresh on your big day!

There are so many more things in my fabulous kit but we would be here all day if I named every single one. But I'm sure that you can see how each and every one of these could come in handy for your wedding day. So, I decided to make a mini version of my emergency planning kit. These are products that I know and use in my kit and I wanted to share it with you. You can check out the mini wedding planning emergency kit here.

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