What does a wedding coordinator do?

What is a wedding coordinator?

A wedding coordinator in a nutshell is someone that is going to be there on your wedding day to make sure that things go smoothly. A wedding coordinator can also be called a day-of coordinator, day-of assistant, etc... and essentially are interchangeable terms when you think of a wedding coordinator.

Ok great. But what does a wedding coordinator do?

So much! A wedding coordinator will review contracts with the vendors that you have signed and double-check that what is included is exactly what the couple is expecting. Also to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. As well as coordinating with the vendor team months ahead of time, creating a timeline with the couple, setting up some décor, putting out any fires that come up on your wedding day. We become the point person for everyone, vendors, guests, and the couple. Making sure that the vendors are following the timeline and keeping everything flowing smoothly.

What is included in the timeline?

The timeline includes the schedule of events for the day but that isn't all that's included. The timeline is also packed with information for the vendors. This can include a gate code, parking instructions, load in and load out information, floorplan, etc... A timeline is much longer than just what is included for the wedding party.

Can we ask a wedding coordinator for help with planning things?

Yes, you can always ask your coordinator for helpful tips, tricks, and advice for anything that you are stuck on. They are an excellent resource to pick their brain about things. Coordinators will recommend and give you strategies and it's up to you to implement them. The advice can be regarding the guest list, floorplan, planning tools, etc...

Tips for hiring a great wedding coordinator

You want to make sure that they are licensed and insured. Check with your venue and other vendors that you have already booked for recommendations. Ask your friends and family if they know anyone. Still not having much luck? Try the wedding websites such as WeddingWire, The Knot and also Google. Google is a great resource for finding wedding vendors.

Is a wedding coordinator worth the cost?

Well, how much do you value being stress-free on your wedding day? I think that it is definitely worth it to know that someone will have your best interest at heart and wants your day to be as seamless as you do. The cost is well worth not having to worry about a thing on your big day!

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